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Administrative Services

OQ Administrative Services

We offer management of your OQ programs on a fixed annual cost that includes all OQ field evaluations, as well as, the day-to-day OQ responsibilities. Our goal is to provide you with the best OQ program at a lesser cost than self-administration. Here is a listing of areas covered by this service:


Oversight of day-to-day OQ activities:

  • Build and maintain a company-specific OQ plan to meet your requirements

  • Ensure your company is continually in compliance with specific operator requirements

  • Manage OQ evaluators to ensure evaluations are properly performed

  • Manage audit requests from OQ service providers and clients

  • Submit documentation verifying OQ compliance at the pipeline operator’s request

  • Oversight of OQ databases for accuracy (Veriforce and/or ISN)

Company Representation:

  • Collaborate with pipeline operators to verify an accurate list of tasks to be performed

  • Attend industry and association meetings

  • Pre-job OQ and safety meetings

  • Help ensure qualified individuals are performing tasks (meet Span of Control)

  • Perform OQ field audits

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