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OQ Consulting Services

Consulting Services:


Pipeline Operators that are subject to 49 CFR part(s) 192, 195 and 199 are responsible for having multiple written programs that define how they are meeting the minimum requirements under the prescribed regulatory mandates.  ASTAR’s experts have decades of compliance experience and an in-depth understanding of industry regulations and standards.  Our team can help you with meeting your company regulatory requirements by providing professional regulatory based assessments of your programs.


Operator Qualification (OQ) Consulting:

Our seasoned professionals have worked closely with over 200 Operators throughout the United States.  Our expert OQ consulting services consist of written program assessment to field assessments by location, including evaluator and qualified personnel reviews.


- Comprehensive OQ Plan assessment

- Covered Task review

- Gap Analysis (mergers/acquisitions and contractor)

- DOT PHMSA/State Audit prep and support


Are you needing to develop an OQ program or conduct a complete change to your current written program?  We do that to! Our team is prepared to diligently develop a defensible OQ program, to include training key personnel on the implementation and management of your newly developed program. Our team is ready to help you with all of your OQ needs.


Operations & Maintenance Manual (O&M) Consulting:

Our tabletop and field assessment of your O&M manual can help ensure your program meets industry standards and regulatory requirements.


Control Room Management (CRM) Consulting:

Our compliance experts are prepared to assess your CRM program to assure that it complies with PHMSA’s CRM Rule. The assessment will highlight the current state of your existing procedures compared to the requirements of the rule. 


Anti-Drug & Alcohol Misuse Program Consulting:

ASTAR’s industry recognized experts can assess your entire program to include your contractor(s) written plan and contracted service providers for compliance with regulations set forth by PHMSA’s 49 CFR parts 199 and 40.  We also assist during state and/or federal regulatory audits. 


CFR Training:

Our consultant/trainers can travel to your location(s) and deliver a complete or customizable code class:

  • Introduction to Pipeline Safety Regulations – 49 CFR

  • 49 CFRs 190, 191,     

  • 199 and 40 Overview

  • 192 All Subparts

  • 195 All Subparts


This course can help your company compliance personnel who are directly affected by regulations during their daily work obligations as well as non-compliance personnel who may be indirectly affected. Contact us today to inquire or schedule your CFR course.


OQ Evaluator Training:

Our consultants/trainers are prepared to develop and deliver valuable knowledge based tools to your company evaluators through a customizable evaluator training program that will accent your company written processes.


Each of our consulting and training services can be customized to suit your current company needs.  Contact us today to talk with our experts.

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