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ASTAR would like to announce Dennis Kuhn  as our Vice President of Compliance. Dennis is a highly skilled professional in Operator Qualification (OQ), auditing, PHMSA D&A regulations, quality assurance, training, logistics, and management.


Dennis has 31 years’ experience in the fields of regulatory compliance, training, management, operations, and logistics. He has worked with numerous regulatory requirements from several governing agencies including: DOT, OSHA, DOE, DOD, EPA, State and International.

Dennis has worked directly with over 200 Operator clients, providing support and guidance for their regulatory programs such as; conducting OQ, Control Room Management, O&M and PHMSA based D&A regulatory compliance assessments for Operator clients. He has also lead steering committees in the development of covered task criteria.  He has authored and assessed written Operator OQ programs and provided onsite guidance and support to Operators during State and Federal Audits. He has developed and taught numerous industry related courses to include; Evaluator Training, Field OQ training, CFR training.  He is also recognized as a subject matter expert in regards to DOT Drug and Alcohol and OQ programs across the United States. He is a reoccurring speaker and presenter at multiple Energy Associations nationwide.

Dennis is a distinguished/decorated Veteran of Foreign Wars and retired honorably after 21 years from the United States Air Force as Senior NCO.

Here are just a few areas that Dennis specializes in:

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Dennis Kuhn

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